domenica 8 settembre 2013

Pottering around on a sunday mornin'

This morning I woke up feeling I needed to do something for my plants; after such a hot summer they needed a bit of attention...

This one below is my very first one, given by my mother when I first move out of the parental house. Now it's huge, and this summer made flowers (called "The Queen of the night" because they blossom at midnight and last only one day) three times; but she's going for the forth - I'm a proud mama.

My first one
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This one was part of a larger composition, long gone to the house of the Father; she's struggled a lot to survive and I had almost given up on her... but then I changed the pot and now she's growing up so fast! Super-cute! 

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Below you can see the famous Aloe Vera, absolutely the best plant for almost every kind of damaged skin. The larger one was a gift from a friend: the smaller one I discovered yesterday almost drowned under her mama's big leaves; from now on, she's standing on her own. Good luck little one!!!

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This fluffy guy I bought on the supermarket; he's growing slowly but steadily; I can't wait to see him larger and stronger!

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And here we finally have an happy terrace garden!

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